Fake Covid-19 Test Offers

Organisations are in the difficult position of trying to keep their business running while maintaining the safety of staff and customers in a world of Coronavirus.

Many scammers want to take advantage of the fear and difficulties around this and offer fake solutions – PPE that doesn’t exist or is not fit to use, fake ways to spot the virus, fake treatments, fake tests and more recently fake vaccines.

One latest email offers:-

“Fortunately, however, you can now use a test which can deliver results within 15 minutes; a test which is increasingly being used by companies across the country. “

“Our test will confirm if COVID-19 is present in the individual before any symptoms are revealed.  It has an accuracy rate of over 99% and requires no specialist equipment.”

The email address for information etc. is info @deosgroup.co.uk but this is actually a link to sptr.eomail6.com/hsdjkfhaskdhfkahdfkhadfkadksdfadakdadadadasd which is obviously fake.

Do not buy anything to do with Coronavirus precautions, equipment, tests etc. except from accredited sources.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email

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