eBAY Vehicle Scam Alerts

This a Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/GroupEVSA/

It is a closed Facebook group – so you have to apply to the moderators of the group for access.

You answer their questions and you get access to the group messages etc.

This purpose of the group is to allow reporting vehicle scam listings on eBay UK (and Gumtree, which is owned by eBay).

They give this initial advice:-

“Please try to be 100% sure if you say “This is a scam”. If you are not absolutely sure, by all means post the link but instead make it a question, e.g. ‘Is this a scam?’

Thank you”

This is clearly necessary to stop the group belong filled up with messages about mistakes and misunderstandings rather than actual scams.

Jack Buster uses this group  i.e. better known as “Buster Jack” (the scam buster). He uses this group a lot to post results of his work and people post items they want Buster Jack to investigate and potentially stop.

e.g. Some help please, selling my camper and someone from Malta wants to pay a deposit fly over and drive it home, what are the chances of it being fraudulent and how should i insist i am paid if it is to be safe? thanks in advance.

The replay was this useful advice.

Card payments can be reversed, cash and BACS payments into the account cannot. As soon as the money is paid either way transfer all the money you have in that account to a connected account such as a saving account and then they cannot reverse the transaction; That is what the scammers do!

Tell them to turn up with cash.

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