Doodle Poll Scam

Doodle is a well known online scheduling tool. It is professional and used by a lot of people and has nothing to do with scams and scammers.

But, scammers do like to take advantage of other people and turn good things to a bad use.

There are numerous scams involving crypto currencies and this latest one uses Doodle for their scam messages. It is a typical Bitcoin scam but presumably to bypass spam filters this loser has used a Doodle Poll to send out the messages.

The Poll is supposedly to help ‘Curt’ to find the best date for his meeting but of course there is no meeting – just the usual drivel about Bitcoin millionaires.

Yes! You can get a  free Bitcoin!”.

“Earn up to $1000 per hour or more, starting today!”

As with all scam messages – beware clicking anything and now you have to be wary of Doodle polls as once a scammer finds a new method for delivering their lies – others will copy.

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