Consumer Rights and Scams

The Consumer Rights Act of 2015 covers a lot of areas including – the quality of products and services, returning goods, repairs and replacement, digital products and more.

One approach scammers use is to supply goods that are poorer quality than the buyer expects and has a right to receive e.g. fake perfumes, fake medicines etc.   As a consumer you don’t have to write off shoddy products or fakes as ‘you get what you pay for’ but realise the Consumer Rights Act is intended to protect you against this.

Products and Services (including digital products) must be of satisfactory quality, match their description and be fit for purpose.

Satisfactory Quality

Products must not be damaged or incomplete or faulty when received, otherwise you can claim a replacement.  If you buy a cheap item then you cannot reasonably expect it to last as long or work as well as a more expensive version.

Match The Description

If the product or service does not match the description e.g. missing features, then you can claim under the Consumer Rights Act 2015

Fit For Purpose

The products must be suitable for the intended use as long as the intended use matches the description of the products. You cannot use a plastic snow shovel for digging your garden and claim it doesn’t work – that use is different from the intended use as described by the supplier.

Make use of the Consumer Rights Act to stand up for your rights.

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