Cathy Deals with Scam Callers

Scammers call you trying to steal your money or your identity or both.

So, why not waste their time, drive them mad and get your own back.

Plus while you’re keeping them busy they cannot be scamming someone else.

Cathy Simpson came up with an unusual way to have a bit of fun while deflecting cold callers, although it needs a little preparation to really work well.

“I used to be plagued with them, sometimes as many as six in a day, so I applied serious thought to the problem. My life changed forever when I discovered that you can download MP3 clips of various sounds, which I saved in iTunes.

“So… a scammer would call, and I’d tell them I’d need to transfer them to my husband, then play a clip of someone snoring REALLY loudly for a few minutes or a chorus of screaming chimpanzees.

“Sometimes I’d tell them my computer was in the other room, and I’d need to go down there to turn it on. So they could accompany me on my journey, they were treated to the sound of someone walking along an interminably long echoey corridor, followed by the sound of wading through water. These guys have no staying power, you know. When I asked if they were still there, they’d already rung off.

“My favourite, though, was the time they phoned to tell me my IP address had been hacked. They told me to turn on my computer. I played a clip of artillery fire, followed by an explosion. I expressed dismay that my computer had just blown up.

“I told them I couldn’t tell, as the computer was now in small pieces all over the floor and the room was full of smoke. They told me not to worry, that they were working on it. I thanked them, of course. It was only polite.”

Have fun.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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