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Flu Epidemic Scam

Scammers love people to have health problems they can jump on and scare people into paying for poor or non existent magic remedies to wipe out that problem.

This common one uses Flu to scare people – particularly parents, with lines such as “It’s sad that many little ones have died this year …” and “Emergency rooms are packed and often with children suffering”.

The remedy proposed isn’t some unheard of substance from the Himalayas or Atlantis but just curcumin which is a component of the spice turmeric.

Curcumin is well known to be anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant and is available in tablet form.

Eating the spice in food does have an effect but you do need to eat an awful lot to get the same effect as from quality supplements.

This scammer also claims that curcumin keeps your immune system strong and hence you wont catch flu.

There is no evidence for this claim so you shouldn’t believe it.

The purpose of the email is not to make you believe in any supplements but to get you to hand over your personal details supposedly in return for a free bottle of curcumin tablets.

There are no free bottles – just go into your nearest pharmacy or supermarket if you buy to buy some – never ever believe emails offering such things.

Like as not they have no product and if they did, I certainly wouldn’t risk taking unknown tablets.

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Stupidest Scam of the Week Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a very trendy super food currently with celebrities vying to make the best pitch on how wonderful it is.

There is some limited evidence that coconut oil is beneficial in modest amounts as compared to other oils, but there is no evidence for most of the claims of the coconut oil fans and no evidence that it is a super food  of any kind.

This scammer obviously doesn’t need scientific evidence – she wants to convince us that coconut oil fights cancer, stops ageing, accelerate fat loss and reverses Alzheimer’s

That’s quite a list but the scammer wants to make sure to attract as many people as possible – and probably only stupid people as that list of claims is just ridiculous.

She ends with an exhortation “9 reasons why you should eat as much coconut oil as you can”.

It is fattening stuff so the only result of that would be obesity.

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