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An email from “Luxury Opinions”

Title says “Join an exclusive community for free to test new to market luxury goods”

That’s a good ‘hook’ – who wouldn’t want to test luxury items for free.

It goes on to explain

“We’re looking for the most discerning members of the UK public to join our exclusive luxury research community. Our clients (major global banks and luxury companies) are looking for luxury minded people like yourself to join in order to help them better understand the UK’s most affluent consumers”.


“discerning” and “luxury minded” are good phrases – used in this case to make me feel special.

“Members of LuxuryOpinions participate in occasional online luxury/wealth surveys in exchange for amazing incentives (up to £100 for a short survey).

On top of that:

  • Earn your first £20 just for signing up today.
  • 100% Privacy protection
  • No marketing / sales, just honest market research”

Sounds too good to be true because of course it’s just a scam.

£20 just for joining – so you have to give bank details for the payment.

OOPS – that would be your bank account emptied.

Don’t be fooled by wonderful offers – they are always a con.

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