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Stupidest Spam of the Week The Oil Alliance

You read in the news of complex fraud cases where scammers have set up fake businesses and made deals with large companies and over the course of months swindled them out of millions.

This latest scammer seems to have been reading those stories and thinks she can do the same but without the months of preparation needed – just email some mugs and find some that want in to a shady mega bucks deal.

The email title is “Crude Oil Partnership”.

It starts “ATTN: CEO / Managing Director”.  “I have been motivated by your personal status and I have decided to approach you for a profitable partnership in a multi million dollar partnership in crude oil trading”.

There is a long involved story about how her company buys crude oil in Angola but has to buy through a 3rd party who have a government licence. The deal part is that she will help me to setup a company name and buy a licence at her expense. Then I can be the intermediary and will be paid $12 per barrel of oil purchased by her company.

With millions of barrels of oil involved that makes a big commission for me.

She also has the cheek to state “It is against my work ethics to benefit from my company’s dealings”.

Then goes to explain that she is near retirement so will take the profit for herself anyway.

The entire story is make-believe of course – probably some scammer sitting around, drinking with other criminals and invented this whole charade.

Her email address is which may sound impressive but is just a free email service anyone can use.


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The Fundraising Preference Service

Charities have long been an established part of life, carrying out everything from hospice care to cancer research to caring for orphaned children to seeking responsible treatment of animals etc.

In Britain there are well over 200,000 registered charities and estimated to be a lot more that aren’t registered as they are too small.

Charities have a good name and do a good job but in recent years in the UK, many large charities became too focussed on collecting money and using unscrupulous methods to do so.

From reports of chuggers (the charity collectors in the street who stop you and wont let go till you’ve signed up) to the ones that trade names of donors so they can each cold call more people, to those using boiler room tactics on cold calling. Some people have reported getting hundreds of such calls per week and being frightened to leave their phone connected.

There is now the Fundraising Preference Service.

You can register online at

Or call 0300 303 3517. You register yourself (or another person) so as to not be bothered by the charities you elect to block.

You need to supply your name and address and pick which charities to block.  That’s all there is to it.

You can register someone else on the service and they will be sent a message informing them of the registration. This is so that carers and family members and neighbours can register people unable to do so themselves.

Most of the charities have learned to behave better following the bad publicity but this will hopefully make them more responsible as well and stop a lot of the unnecessary bothering of people that still goes on.

In its first days, the FRP was receiving 114 requests per hour so you can see this service is very much needed.

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Safe From Scams Website

SafeFromScams was created in 2010 to offer information on how to protect yourself against scams.

The sales pitch for the site is:-

“It’s a very dangerous world out there. You might lock your doors.. The scammers are everywhere. They want to part you from your hard-earned money, to steal your identity, or simply take advantage of your honesty to make a profit from others. You might be law-abiding, but they’re not. There are thousands of them, in person, in business, on the phone and online – and they’re growing more ingenious all the time”.

Safe From Scams say that the site is a resource to learn about scams of all types, from the classics that are still being run regularly, like bill-padding, builders, and chain letters – to the new ones that keep appearing, things like phishing, mobile phone scams, or those fake lotteries.

Safe From Scams say that the features and articles are written by experts – who have experience, or a particular interest in this area.

The guy who started Safe From Scams is John Rowlinson – the owner of PtS which has software and property companies and he uses those to fund the Safe From Scams website and a number of similar sites.

The site covers a wide range of scams, including Credit Card Scams, Travel Scams, Fake Goods, Medical Scams and is a great resource for more detailed information on the various kinds of scams.,

There is also an ‘Ask the Expert’ feature.

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