Are You Prepared for Security Incidents

  1. How well prepared are you to respond to a cyber security incident?
  • Do you have plans in place to respond to, and recover from, the most likely scenarios?
  • Have you practised your response to such incidents, including at senior management level?
  • Do you have the relevant expertise within the business or access to external sources with that expertise?
  • Do you have experts on call and ready to respond to a cyber incident?
  • Will the company be able to keep running in the aftermath of a serious cyber attack?

Cyber attacks are increasingly common and it’s not just large companies at risk, but businesses of all sizes.

Large businesses may have all the requisite controls necessary to deal with a cyber disruption, yet businesses of all sizes are at risk.  Get the protection and planning you need.

Average Investment in Cyber Security 2017/2018

  Micro/Small Businesses Medium Businesses Large Businesses
Mean Spend per year £2,220 £41,600 £149,000
Median Spend Per Year £152 £5,190 £24,700

You can see the difference in average spending on cyber security and this is reflected in the level of preparedness for cyber incidents by these various sized businesses. Charities spent significantly less than commercial business in all three size categories.

Whatever size your business and whatever it’s business, make sure you spend enough to ensure you are able to deal with cyber attacks and recover from them as too many businesses fold within months of such an attack.

The nature of your business may determine the dangers involved with online data and services and also the level of protection needed.

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