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Scumbag Awards 2017: Nastiest Scam

Category: Nastiest Scam

Natural Disasters

Every time there is a natural disaster, charities and other organisations appeal for help and the public always respond. But there are always scam appeals as well. Scammers trying to take advantage of that generosity and steal money from those who may have lost their homes and loved ones.

Bogus Hotel Bookings

Up to one in every 16 online room bookings is a fake, according to official figures.

Imagine flying to somewhere only to find your hotel booking was fake and you have nowhere to stay. That’s bad.


Investment in Burial Plots

An unscrupulous business offering burial plots in Rainham Cemetery and promising 40% Returns within 24 months.

They claim that burial space will run out in the South-East within 10 years so buy now and sell back when people are desperate.


and http://fightback.ninja/further-investment-in-burial-plots/

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Scumbag Awards 2017: Most Public Ransomware

Category: Most Public Ransomware


May 2017, this stopped several hospitals, doctors surgeries and much more for days before it was stopped.


This nasty piece of work encrypts your files and they cannot be decrypted by anyone else plus it deletes any backups. Very common through 2016


This targeted specific computer games and charged $500 in bitcoins for the decryption key. In mid-2016 the developers shutdown the ransomware and published the master decryption key and just the word ‘Sorry’


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The Scumbag Awards 2017

Most industries have their own awards to highlight top performers. E.g. The Oscars for the best over-actors and the Razzies for caught out over actors, the Stella award for dumbest lawsuits, the Darwin awards for dumbest life threatening accidents, the IgNobel awards for the most pointless scientific achievements etc.

So, the Fightback Ninja has created the Scumbag Awards 2017 for the scammer and spammers who make our lives miserable through theft of money, time and even identity.

Each week, the Fightback Ninja will select and publicise one or more categories of scam or spam and a list of contenders for the award. You pick the winner by voting online.

The awards will be announced in July.

Any scammer or spammer wishing to collect their award can do so at The Old bailey in London where a simple written admission of criminal activities will result in the award (and maybe a few years in jail to go with it).

There will; be awards for:-

  • The stupidest scammer
  • The biggest data breach
  • The most prolific lottery scam
  • Dating and Romance scams
  • Identity theft
  • The most destructive ransomware
  • Biggest phone scam

and more.

For runners and riders as they are selected, go to http://fightback.ninja/scumbag-awards-2017/

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